WOODSMOKE Seafood Boilers

Enjoy these amazing Boiler pots at WOODSMOKE BBQ!
Available Friday and Saturday after 4pm by reservation.
 Boilers must
be pre-ordered at least 3 hours in advance of pickup.

How to order


STEP 1: 

Build Your Custom Pot
Per Person $8.00
+ Seafood (2-person minimum required)
Includes corn, potatoes, WOODSMOKE Boilers broth, custom
seasoning & condiments. Packed in a WOODSMOKE Boilers
pot & keepsake Boilers mallot on crab orders.


STEP 2: 

Select What Seafood – or – Meat to Add to Your Pot
Shrimp (33/lb. average, peeled & deveined) $17.00/lb.
Snow Crab Legs (2-3 leg clusters/lb.) $20.00/lb.
Lobster Tail (6 oz average)  $14.00
Little Neck Clams  $14.00/lb.
Mussels  $12.00/lb.
WOODSMOKE Housemade Sausage  $14.00/lb.


STEP 3: 

We Recommend Adding
Smoked Baby Back Ribs  $18.00 full slab
Half Smoked Chicken  $7.00
Rustic French Baguette with our
Signature Seafood Reduction $7.00/ea.